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Wembe® 200 SL

Wembe® 200 SL is a highly systemic non selective broad-spectrum post-emergence herbicide for control of grass and broad-leaved weeds in crop land. Use during land preparation, minimum and/or zero tillage cultivation for cereals and other crops, clearing of bushes, shrubs and perennial grasses.

Product Details

Mode of Action

Glufosinate ammonium inhibits the glutamine synthetase enzyme which is responsible for
amino acid glutamine production and ammonia detoxification. The inhibition results in
decreased glutamine and increased ammonia levels in the plants tissues. Photosynthesis is
thereby stopped and plants die within a few days after application of the herbicide due to
necrosis which is a result of damage in the chloroplast structures.

Application Guide

Application timing: Apply WEMBE 200 SL during land preparation or when minimum/zero tillage practice is applied to clear all weeds. WEMBE 200 SL is non selective post emergence herbicide design to control even the most resistant weeds biotypes on the fields to facilitate easier land preparation or planting /sowing when minimum tillage is applied.

Why Wembe 200 SL?

  • WEMBE 200 SL can be tank mixed to target both knockdown and residual weed control in the one pass allowing to manage harder to kill weeds and save time and application costs.
  • Ideal Resistance Management tool- manage glyphosate-resistant weeds mainly because it is a broad-spectrum herbicide.
  • Ideal product to use where confirmed cases of resistance against herbicides from other groups is reported.
  • Excellent and faster burn down effects.

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