Agromine 860SL

Agromine® 860SL

Agromine® 860SL is a broad spectrum selective systemic herbicide for the control of post-emergence broadleaf weeds in maize, rice and wheat fields and non-cropped areas like lawns.

Product Details

Mode of Action

2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2,4-D) is a synthetic auxin (plant hormone) and is absorbed through the leaves and is translocated to the meristems of the plant, killing them by causing excessive hormonal growth.

Application Guide

Fill spray tank with half the amount of required water. Add required amount of Agromine® 860SL and fill the water to the required level. Agitate to ensure thorough mixing and use the spray mixture on the same day of preparation.

Apply Agromine® 860SL by direct spraying ensuring adequate coverage of plant foliage for effective control. DO NOT use in a mixture with any other chemical remedy if the effect of the mixture has not been confirmed on maize, rice, wheat or the specific turf or lawn target area.

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