Spring onions farming in Kenya

Spring onions also called Scallions or Green and Bunching Onions are very easy to grow both for subsistent and commercial purposes and consumers like them because they can be used in variety of recipes as seasoning in soups and salads hence their other name- Salad Onions.

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Cabbage Planting Guide

Cabbage is a cool season crop which requires an optimum growth temperatures range of 15- 20° C. Head formation reduced at temperatures higher than 25 degrees Celsius. It requires adequate well distributed rainfall. Moisture levels are especially critical during the early stage of the crop growth.

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Brocolli farming

Broccoli is a member of Cruciferae, the cabbage family. Its botanical name is Brassica oleracea cv.italica. Broccoli has created new interest as a vegetable due to the growing demand for both the domestic and export markets.

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Garlic farming in Kenya

Garlic farming in Kenya is a profitable venture when done correctly. Garlic popularly known as ‘Kitunguu Saumu’ belonging to the onion family is a high worth horticultural plant owing to its attractive returns and high demand in the Kenyan market.

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Onion farming in Kenya

50 percent of the red onions in Kenya are imported from Tanzania, as indicated by Food and Agriculture Organisation’s (FAO) 2014 report. Kenyan Farmers have been doing their best to address the demand and close the gap, but there is still more supply to be achieved.

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Brassica (cabbage) management

Dear farmer
The main season for your cabbages (brassica) is now. The weather is usually conducive in February giving the cabbage optimum environment for growth and also market where we have irrigation. Since water is a limiting factor, farming cabbages now gives you a guarantee in Return On Investment since the supply will not be excessive during market period in April/May.

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Bulb Onion farming

Welcome to Greenlife newsletter for the month of April. Today we shall be discussing about onion production. As you are aware, onion farming in Kenya is gaining popularity every day this is as result of its high returns and small operating capital.

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Courgettes Nutrition

Courgettes are relatively heavy users of nutrients and thus need sufficient nutrients supply for optimal productivity. A proper nutrition is achieved by supplying the crop with both macro and micronutrients and both basal and foliar fertilizers are recommended.

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Tomato Nutrition

Tomatoes are heavy feeders and produce optimally when supplied with enough nutrients (both macro and micro nutrient elements) throughout the crop season. This can be achieved through basal and foliar fertilizer application.

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Kale Production

Kale Production: Proven Method

Kale (Brassica oleraceae var acephala), commonly known as Sukumawiki, belongs to the Brassicas family and is very easy to grow. In Kenya, the demand for kales is very high due to their nutritional value.

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