Insecticides are chemicals used to control insects by killing them or preventing them from engaging in undesirable or destructive behaviors. They are classified based on their structure and mode of action.

Lexus 247SC

Lexus® 247SC

Lexus® 247SC is broad spectrum systemic insecticide for control of Aphids, Whiteflies, Diamond back moth, Thrips and Caterpillars on Roses and Vegetables.


Magneto® 10EC

Magneto® 10EC is broad spectrum, systemic with contact and stomach action insecticide for control of a wide range of pests on agricultural crops

Doberman 150OD

Doberman® 150OD

Doberman® 150OD is a highly systemic and contact insecticide for foliar and stem application, particularly active against sucking and chewing insects on a wide range of edible crops and ornamentals.

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An excellent broad spectrum contact and ingestion insecticide for control of lepidopteran insect
pests on a wide range of crops

Emerald Gold

Emerald Gold® 700WP

Emerald Gold® 700WP is a highly effective, systemic insecticide with high residual effect, used as foliar spray or soil drench for controlling aphids, thrips, whiteflies and leaf miners in a wide range of agricultural crops.

Epitome Elite

Epitome Elite® 500SP

Epitome Elite® 500SP is a powerful systemic, contact and stomach insecticide with a broad-spectrum control especially for sucking insects such as aphids, thrips, whiteflies, mealy bugs and other insects such as leafminers, caterpillars and diamondback moth (DBM) on a broad range of edible crops and ornamentals.

Constantine 110

Constantine® 110SC

Constantine® 110SC is a highly quality systemic and contact insecticide effective against aphids, thrips, whiteflies and Spidermites on roses.


Ranger® 480EC

Ranger® 480EC is a non-systemic contact and stomach insecticide for foliar and stem application that is active against a range of insects widely used in agriculture for controlling insect pests. It is also used as termiticide for termites in construction buildings and fruit trees.

Inspire 100EC

Inspire® 100EC

Inspire® 100EC is a broad-spectrum stomach and contact miticide with excellent ovicidal, larvicidal and nymphicidal activity for use in roses. It has long lasting residual activity against many phytophagous mites, particularly Panonychus and Tetranychus ssp.

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