Mango Production

Mango is the most important fruit in the tropics , with the industry expanding in size and geographical location with the crop grown in various counties in Kenya. Its produce for consumption as fresh fruits or processing for juices and fruit jams

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Grapes Farming

The most common and widespread grapes species is Vitis vinifera and it’s a native of Europe grown worldwide. Flowers and fruits are produced in clusters of 6 to 300, and can be black, blue, golden, green, purple-red and white. Grapes can be eaten raw as fruits or can be used to process wine and other grapes products, e.g jam.

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Macadamia farming

The origin of macadamia is Australia. The tree can reach a height of up to 20m. Grafted varieties take 3-4 years after planting to start producing while local varieties usually take 6-7 years.

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Papaya Production

Papaya, carica papaya, is one of the most important fruits of the tropics.Its important for its nutritive as well as medicinal value.Papaya is a herbaceous shrub and not a true tree thus its usually susceptible to toppling during high winds. Most commercial varieties flower 2.5 months after planting with fruit set after 3.5 months from transplanting.

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Mango Fruit Crop

Mango flower and fruit management

Mango is the most important fruit in the tropics. It’s consumption as both a fresh fruit and processed product has increased overtime leading to high demand hence the industry expanding in size and geographical location.

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Water melon production

Dear farmer
The main season for your melon (cucurbitacea) is now on going. The weather is usually conducive in March giving the melon optimum environment for growth and also market where we have irrigation. Since water is a limiting factor, farming melon from February and now gives you a guarantee in Return On Investment since the supply will not be excessive during market period in April/May.

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A-Z of Thorn Melon farming

In Kenya the Thorn Melon are targeted for export markets in Europe and are sold in supermarkets and local markets. Besides, they are gaining a lot of importance and production in Kenya is expanding due high demand, as consumers become aware of their medicinal and nutrients benefits.

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Nutrition in Passion Fruits

Passion fruits require the right amount of nutrients for maximum productivity. Both macro and micronutrients should be supplied to the crop in the required amounts as they all influence its general performance.

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