Biodistinction Xtra

Biodistinction Xtra®

Biodistinction Xtra® is a premium highly concentrated liquid chelated suspension concentrate copper fertilizer designed to meet the crucial crop nutritional needs particularly copper deficiencies. It also gives plus function as suppression and protection from fungal and bacterial diseases.

Product Details

Biodistinction Xtra® Benefits

  • Corrects & prevents Copper deficiency
  • Highly suitable for organic farming
  • Suppresses fungal & bacterial diseases

Application Guide

For ornamentals, apply as a full cover application.

For field crops, apply 3 to 4 full cover applications during the season.

For fruits, apply at 2 to 4 weeks interval from just after fruit set until harvest.

For vegetables, apply 500 litres spray mixture per hectare shortly after transplant. Repeat every 7 to 10 days. Ensure full coverage of both upper and lower leaf surfaces.

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