Commander® 240EC

Commander® 240EC

Commander® 240EC is a broad-spectrum selective contact herbicide for use in the control of pre-emergence and post-emergence annual broadleaf weeds and grasses in onion, garlic, and brassicae crops fields.

Product Details

Mode of Action

Oxyfluorfen is a contact herbicide of the nitrophenyl ether class which acts by inhibiting the production of a chlorophyll enzyme resulting in an accumulation of chemicals that disrupt cell membrane integrity in the presence of light.

Application Guide

Transplanted onions: Apply when plants have reached the 2-3 true leaf growth stage. Apply directly after transplanting, followed by irrigation. Weak plants may be susceptible to damage.

Planted garlic: Apply immediately after planting. Leaf scorch and/or pig tailing may occur, especially under cold, wet and windless conditions. High soil temperatures may delay emergence and cause leaf scorch.

Brassicae: Apply after final cultivation plant bed preparation but just before transplanting. Sprayed soil should not be ploughed

DO NOT use the herbicide in a mixture with any other chemical remedy if the effect of the mixture has not been confirmed on the target crops. DO NOT apply Commander® 240EC when heavy rain is forecast. Application can be done 1 day after rain or irrigation, once in a season.

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