Greenphite® 600

Greenphite® 600 is a high analysis liquid fertilizer for crops requiring a readily available source of N.P.K., which promotes plant health and vigour, leading to improved yield.

Product Details

Greenphite® 600 Benefits

Corrects & prevents deficiencies of phosphorus and potassium.

Increases crop resistance to diseases and weather stress.

Ensures rapid rooting and facilitate balanced plant growth.

Improves color and appearance of your crops.

Promotes good fruit set/grain filling and reduces flower & fruit drop.

Improves harvest yield with increased produce size and weight.

Increases sugar level in fruits and enhances tasty and firm fruit texture.

Application Guide

Use 2 – 5 ml per litre of water and make 2 – 3 foliar applications at mid and late growing season at 15 days interval.

Greenphite® 600 is compatible with a wide range of commonly used spray chemicals. However, it is advisable to always mix a small quantity and observe for precipitation before mixing on large scale. If precipitation occurs, do no proceed with application.

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