Emerald® 200SL

Emerald® 200SL is a highly effective systemic foliar insecticide with high residual effect, for controlling sucking insects in a wide range of agricultural crops and a termicide for building construction and fruit trees.

Product Details

Mode of Action

Imidacloprid has contact and stomach poison action and works by interfering with the transmission of stimuli in the insect nervous system by causing a blockage of the nicotinergic neuronal pathway thus preventing acetylcholine from transmitting impulses between nerves, resulting in the insect’s paralysis and eventual death

Application Guide

For Roses, Vegetables and Carnations, at a rate of 0.5-0.75 ml per litre of water, do maximum 3 applications as first signs of infestation as a full cover spray on 7-10 days interval.

For building construction, apply 6 ml per litre of water by spraying the construction wood and adjacent soil thoroughly to control termites

For fruit trees, using 2 ml per litre of water, drench at the base of a tree followed by irrigating with enough water to control termites.

Emerald® 200SL is compatible with most commonly used pesticides and liquid fertilizers. However, a compatibility test is advisable before mixing commercial quantities or spraying a large area.

Emerald® 200SL is not phytotoxic when used as recommended.

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