A highly effective natural insecticide containing Emamectin benzoate that targets a wide range lepidopteran insect pests such as Fall Armyworms, caterpillars, Tuta absoluta, thrips, spider mites and diamondback among others on wide range of agricultural crops.

Product Details

Mode of Action

Emamectin benzoate acts by stomach ingestion and contact mode of action. It acts by stimulating the release of acid (glutamate- gated chloride channels) that inhibit neurotransmitter causing flaccid paralysis to the insect within hours of ingestion which stop feeding and dies. Glutamate-gated chloride channels (GluCls), are widespread on insect muscle and nerve cells. It penetrates
leaf tissues (translaminar activity) and settles within the leaf.

Application Guide

Apply as first signs of infestation or egg hatch peak period before 3rd instar larvae as a full cover spray.
Repeat maximum of 2 applications at 7-10 days intervals per season.

Mode of Acquisition
Stomach ingestion: Emamectin benzoate enters the body through the mouth when the insect feeds on sprayed plant parts.
Contact: Gets onto the pest cuticle when droplets hits the pest. The pest can also walk on the insecticide which then penetrates the cuticle.

Why use ESCORT 19 EC?

  • Naturally derived product and a highly potent modern insecticide, ideal for IPM programs.
  • Unique mode of action and prolonged activity avoiding cross-resistance with other insects.
  • Rapidly degrades within hours on crop foliar surface, thus shorter residual and shorter PHI period.
  • Insect life cycle effectiveness against adults, nymphs, and larvae.
  • Good resistance management tool as alternative with other insecticides.

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