Foliar Fertilizers

Foliar fertilizer is a fertilizer product which is designed to be applied directly to the leaves of a plant.

Plant Guard

Plant Guard™

Plant Guard™ is an aqueous suspension crop foliar and drench supplement, botanically generated, that stimulates plant growth, balances the Carbon: Nitrogen ratio and promotes growth and development of root system and beneficial micro-organisms.

Zinc Gold

Zinc Gold®

Zinc Gold® is a sugar alcohol zinc foliar fertilizer with a special natural sugar alcohol chelating technique for leaf spraying to accelerate the absorption of zinc and make zinc which is difficult to move, move quickly in the plant and act directly on the growth centre, in a wide range of agricultural crops.

Portege Gold

Portege Gold®

Portege Gold® is an optimized blend of 6% EDDHA iron, 100% chelated and made with legend chemistry for increased stability, solubility and bioavailability in the fertigation / spray tank.

Jambo Clean

Jambo Clean®

Jambo Clean® is a combination of cleaner and fertilizer, which removes all sooty moulds, honeydew, dust, grease and other contaminants off leaf surface, nourishes crops by supplying phosphorus and nitrogen, necessitates maximum light exposure for photosynthesis, eliminates other predisposing factors and consequently maintains healthier plant all year round.


Greenphite® 600

Greenphite® 600 is a high analysis liquid fertilizer for crops requiring a readily available source of N.P.K., which promotes plant health and vigour, leading to improved yield.

Foliar Fertilizers- Greenlife Crop Protection Africa

Lavender Total®

Excellent fully water soluble NPK foliar fertiliser designed for use during the whole vegetative cycle of agricultural crops including coffee, vegetables, fruit crops, ornamentals and cereals, for quality optimum yields.
It is a quality and well-balanced foliar fertilizer that provides your crops with the individually-tailored nutrients required to thrive during the critical stages of growth and ensures well-nourished plants that give you high quality yields under difficult conditions.

Foliar Fertilizers- Greenlife Crop Protection Africa

Euro Gold®

Euro Gold® is a complex chelated micronutrients fertilizer containing all trace elements with additional magnesium and boron which is designed for foliar spraying, drip and sprinkle application to suit the demand of most agricultural crops in soil and soilless culture.

Lavender Super Growth

Lavender Super Growth®

Lavender Super Growth® is a fully water soluble NPK foliar fertilizer enriched with trace elements, EDTA chelated and plant growth hormones that is designed for vegetative growth stages of agricultural crops including in coffee, vegetables, fruit crops, ornamentals and cereals for quality optimum yields.



Optimizer® is a pure natural fermented seaweed Liquid bio-fertilizer enriched with chelating NPK and contains natural plant hormones (Auxins, Cytokinnins, Gibberellins), amino acids, alginic acid, mannitol, betaine, arachidonic acid, carbohydrates, vitamins, nucleotides, humic acids and counter – stress agents as well as macro-elements and microelements.

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