Inspire 100EC

Inspire® 100EC

Inspire® 100EC is a broad-spectrum stomach and contact miticide with excellent ovicidal, larvicidal and nymphicidal activity for use in roses. It has long lasting residual activity against many phytophagous mites, particularly Panonychus and Tetranychus ssp.

Product Details

Mode of Action

Hexythiazox (tetrazine acaricide group) is a specific non-systemic acaricide with contact and stomach activity, which inhibits embryo development.

Application Guide

Apply at first signs of infestation or insect egg hatch peak period as a full cover spray; only one application per season.

This insecticide is compatible with most commonly used pesticides (except miticide in the same mode of action) and liquid fertilizers for roses. However, DO NOT tank mix with any product unless your own prior testing has shown that the combination is physically compatible, effective and non-injurious under your condition.

Repeated use of this insecticide may lead to the build-up of resistant mite strains probably also cross-resistant. Therefore, it is necessary to alternate it with a miticide with a different mode of action.

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