Converto Elite 210SC

Converto Elite® 210SC

Converto Elite® 210SC is a long residual miticide/acaricide for control of eggs, juveniles and adult stages of red spider mites in Roses.

Product Details

Mode of Action

Clofentezine (tetrazine acaricide group) is a specific acaricide with contact action, and long residual activity which inhibits embryo development. It acts primarily as an ovicide, with some activity on early motile stages.

Fenpyroximate (phenoxypyrazole acaricide) acts by inhibiting mitochondrial NADH-coenzyme Q reductase on the electron transport chain in mites.

Application Guide

Apply Converto Elite® 210SC at the beginning of infestation peak of spider mites and repeat necessary on a 7–14-day intervals per season, while ensuring full spray coverage of both sides of foliage.

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