Fortress Gold

Fortress Gold® 720WP

Fortress Gold® 720WP is an enhanced excellent systemic and contact fungicide with preventive, curative and protective actions on a wide range of diseases.

Product Details

Mode of Action

Cymoxanil is a penetrant anti-mildew fungicide which prevents sporulation.

Mancozeb reacts with, and inactivates, the sulfhydryl groups of amino acids and enzymes of fungal cell, resulting in disruption of lipid metabolism, respiration and production of adenosine triphosphate.

Application Guide

Make the first application before infection, when the weather is favorable to development of diseases

Apply the subsequent applications on a 10 days interval with maximum 3 applications per season

Fortress Gold® 720WP is compatible with commonly used pesticides and foliar fertilizers and non-phytotoxic when used as recommended. However, a physical compatibility test is recommended before mixing commercial quantities or spraying a large area.

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