Colonizer® 440WP

Colonizer® 440WP is an enhanced excellent systemic and contact fungicide with protective and curative actions for the control of a wide range of diseases on various crops.

Product Details

Mode of Action

Copper Oxychloride acts by interfering with the enzyme system of spores and mycelium, a process which is usually irreversible. It forms a chemical barrier against fungal attack.

Cymoxanil’s mode of action is as a local systemic. It penetrates rapidly and when inside the plant, it cannot be washed off by rain. It controls diseases during the incubation period and prevents the appearance of damage on the crop.

Application Guide

Apply when weather conditions favor disease development for prevention treatment and/or when signs of the disease are noted.

Repeat at 7 days interval with a maximum of 3 applications per season.

Colonizer® 440WP has low acute toxicity to humans which does not cause any hazards to applicators and end-users, and has excellent food and environmental safety when applied at recommended application rates.

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