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Custodia® 700WDG

Custodia® 700WDG is a new copper compound fungicide, bactericide and algicide with both contact and protective actions, developed with a unique formulation of outstanding quality that delivers an excellent control of the diseases on a wide range of agricultural crops.

Product Details

Mode of Action

The copper ion is the component of copper sulfate with toxicological implications.
Copper ions appear to bind to functional groups of protein molecules in fungi and algae and cause protein denaturation, producing cell damage and leakage.

Copper sulfate is an algaecide, bactericide, and fungicide which induces plant defenses called systemic acquired resistance (SAR) for enhanced preventive action. Deposits must be on the crop before fungal spores begin to germinate.

The active ingredient in copper sulfate formulations is the positively charged copper ion (Cu+2).
Many organisms are sensitive to very small amounts of copper ions, such as bacteria and fungi but especially aquatic organisms such as algae or water molds.

Copper sulfate has broad-spectrum activity against microorganisms due to copper’s interaction with nucleic acids, interference with energy transport, and disruption of enzyme activity and integrity of cell membranes.

Application Guide

CUSTODIA® 700 WDG is formulated for farmers who is seeking for a superior fungicide, bactericide and algicide that exhibit high performance control on major fungal diseases on a wide range of agricultural crops.

The first application before infection, when the weather is favourable to development of diseases, apply the following applications on a 10-day interval period. Maximum 3 applications per season.

Why Custodia 700 WDG?
  • Highly soluble in water into small particle sizes hence increasing the surface area of absorption leading to higher efficacy.
  • No discoloration of the fruits and vegetables hence higher market quality of crops.
  • Enhanced contact and preventative actions from a new copper compound.
  • Faster absorption into the crop’s cuticle due to its superior solubility in water reducing the chance of wash off.
  • An ideal preventative alternative program with other fungicides.
  • Protective actions saving extra cost on expensive post curative fungicides after out breaking of diseases.
  • Does not accumulate in the environment due to easy degradation on plant surface and soil.
  • As an algicide, copper can control or eliminate algae and invasive aquatic weeds from aquaculture, drainage systems ponds, crop and non-crop irrigation canals, and sewage lagoons.
  • As a molluscicide, a dilute solution of copper sulfate removes snails from an aquarium, and control freshwater snails that may be a vector for harmful trematodes.

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