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Lavender Flowers & Fruits®

Lavender Flowers & Fruits® is a fully water soluble NPK foliar fertilizer enriched with trace elements, EDTA chelated and plant growth hormones designed for flowering and fruiting stages in agricultural crops including coffee, vegetables, fruit crops, ornamentals and cereals for quality optimum yields.

Product Details

Lavender Flowers & Fruits® Benefits

Greater yield and earlier harvests, greater disease and stress tolerance

Greater quality (plumpness, size, shape, taste, aroma, color. etc.)

Application Guide

For Coffee, Macadamia, Tobacco, Tea and Cereals, make 2 – 4 foliar applications at 1 ml per litre of water.

For vegetables, make 2 – 3 foliar applications at 1 – 2 ml per litre of water.

For Fruits and Vines, make foliar applications at 1 – 1.5 ml per litre before flowering at 15 days interval.

Lavender Flowers & Fruits ® is recommended for use during the flowering and fruiting stages of the crop.

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