Wonder SKH

Wonder SKH®

Wonder SKH® is a unique Silica based fertilizer that increases cellular structure/turgidity and improves lodging management in cereals and flower vase life whilst reducing crop stress and droopy heads in ornamentals, vegetables and fruits.

Product Details

Wonder SKH® Benefits

Reduces plant lodging and leaf texture, increases resistance to diseases, and has high solubility and compatibility

Application Guide

Apply Wonder SKH® as a direct spray while ensuring adequate coverage of the foliage.

For cereals, apply when leaf area is sufficient to intercept foliar spray. Silica treatments can reduce droopy growth and lodging.

For cut flowers, apply at emergence or transplant drench bulb at planting. Repeat 2 weeks after emergence. Continue if weak stem symptoms are evident.

For Coffee, Macadamia, Tobacco, Tea, Fruits, Cotton and Potatoes, apply 1 week after planting and repeat at 7 – 10 days interval.

For Seedlings production (punnet or tray), apply at seedling-repeat at 2 leaf stage and again at 1 – 2 days prior to sale or transplant.

For Tomatoes, Capsicum and other vegetables, apply at transplanting; trickle or foliar. Apply regularly to new growth.

Wonder SKH® liquid fertilizer should be used as a complement to, and not a replacement for conventional fertilizer application and normal cultural practices.

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