Plant Guard

Plant Guard™

Plant Guard™ is an aqueous suspension crop foliar and drench supplement, botanically generated, that stimulates plant growth, balances the Carbon: Nitrogen ratio and promotes growth and development of root system and beneficial micro-organisms.

Product Details

Plant Guard™ Benefits

This high content of organic extracts in Plant Guard™ acts as a powerful bio stimulant, which facilitates rapid penetration and translocation of nutrients, and help in the creation and development of new root hairs, strengthening the immune system of the plant.

Stimulates root hair development

Improved nutrient uptake

Promotes growth of beneficial micro-organisms

Acts as a great seedling starter.

Application Guide

Plant Guard™ liquid fertilizer should be used as a complement to, and not a replacement for fertilizer application and normal cultural practices.

For Cereals, Vegetables, Ornamentals and Fruits, repeat application of Plant Guard™ at 10ml per litre of water after every 12 weeks while avoiding mixing of Plant Guard™ with alkaline materials.

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