Lavender Total®

Excellent fully water soluble NPK foliar fertiliser designed for use during the whole vegetative cycle of agricultural crops including coffee, vegetables, fruit crops, ornamentals and cereals, for quality optimum yields. It is a quality and well-balanced foliar fertilizer that provides your crops with the individually-tailored nutrients required to thrive during the critical stages of growth and ensures well-nourished plants that give you high quality yields under difficult conditions.

Product Details

Application Guide

Lavender Total is recommended for use at all growth stages of all crop’s growth because of the perfect balance of its formulation.
It adheres strongly to leaves and plants surface, and provides a reservoir of slow release elements supplying nutrients when the plants need it.

Why use Lavender Total?

  • Targets specific organs leading to alleviation of stress situations hence boosting growth during critical stages of plant development.
  • Supplies nutrients to plants with deep root systems when soil application is not effective thus preventing Root damage either through mechanical or biological ways.
  • Bypasses limiting soil conditions, prevent nutrient deficiency in crops and minimize environmental impacts.
  • High and well-balanced macronutrient supply matching the demand of most crops during critical growth stages since it contains complete formulations of macro elements.
  • 100% water-soluble suitable for Fertigation and foliar applications.
  • Highly concentrated formulations reduce cost per hectare and wasted packaging.
  • Ensures excellent nutrient penetration.
  • PH-regulation (buffering) of the spray solution to the slightly acidic range to ensure optimum nutrient absorption and pesticide efficiency
  • Applications independent of the weather conditions due to plant-compatible additives
  • Compatible with most commonly used pesticides
  • Suitable for use on all crops and in all climates.
  • Leaves absolutely no residues and is suitable for the improvement of the leaf colour and shine of ornamental plants shortly before selling.

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