Plant Soul

Plant Soul®

Plant Soul® is a Zinc phosphite solution, a fundamental element in a large number of enzymatic processes in crops; in the synthesis of tryptophan, formation of starch, antioxidant effects and enhancing the natural defense system of plants with invigorating activity against fungal infections in agricultural crops.

Product Details

Plant Soul® Benefits

Improved root development, correcting zinc deficiency, enhanced plant natural defense, flowering, pollen formation & seed production.

Application Guide

Foliar: 1 – 2 ml per litre of water with 1 – 3 applications per crop cycle.

Drench: 3 – 5 ml per litre of water with 2 – 4 applications per crop cycle.

Plant Soul® is compatible with a wide range of pesticides and foliar feeds. However, a compatibility test before mixing commercial quantities or spraying a large area is recommended.

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