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Our focus is on the supply of a wide range of quality and affordable crop protection, crop nutrition, pest control products, and general agricultural consultancy.

We are strategically positioned and adequately endowed to serve all the agricultural domains across the country giving each farmer a specialized advisory consultancy and tailor-made crop protection products to meet their specific needs.

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    To be the model and reference company for quality agrochemicals, seeds, farm equipment, public health and crop nutrition products in Africa.

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    To ensure every farmer has knowledge that adds value and contributes not only to food security but impacts significantly on their economic power

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What crop solutions farmers are reading now.

Adjuvants in crop protection

Adjuvants are materials normally added to agrochemicals and foliar fertilizers used in crop protection to enhance the efficacy of active ingredients and improve the overall performance of the products to target insect pests, diseases or required deficiency remedies.

Brocolli farming

Broccoli is a member of Cruciferae, the cabbage family. Its botanical name is Brassica oleracea cv.italica. Broccoli has created new interest as a vegetable due to the growing demand for both the domestic and export markets.

Grapes Farming

The most common and widespread grapes species is Vitis vinifera and it’s a native of Europe grown worldwide. Flowers and fruits are produced in clusters of 6 to 300, and can be black, blue, golden, green, purple-red and white. Grapes can be eaten raw as fruits or can be used to process wine and other grapes products, e.g jam.

Sorghum Shoot Fly

Sorghum shoot fly (Atherigona soccata) is one of the most destructive insect pests of sorghum. It causes significant losses at seedling stage of the crop.


Mealybugs are scale insect pests belonging to the family Pseudococcidae which tend to live together in clusters in plant parts. They suck sap from plants and excrete the excess sugars as a substance called honeydew, which facilitates the development s sooty mold. They also act as vectors for various plant diseases.

Beetroot Farming

Beetroot (Beta vulgaris) is an herbaceous biennial root vegetables in the family Chenopodiaceae grown for its edible root.