A powerful broad-spectrum non-systemic fungicide with a long residual activity for control of postharvest diseases on a wide range of harvested fruits and cut flowers. An extremely effective contact fungicide, providing a shield of protection to prevent infection getting in and to stop disease spread offering a valuable opportunity to clean up disease and give long-lasting protection. A protectant fungicide which adheres to the waxes on the cuticle of fruits and stems to prevent infection. Fludoxinil is residual and remains largely on the surface on the plant attached to waxes on the cuticle.

Product Details

Mode of Action

Fludioxonil is a broad-spectrum fungicide which is non-systemic with a long residual activity. The mode of action of fludioxonil is the inhibition of transport-associated phosphorylation of glucose as well as preventing glycerol synthesis. Being broad spectrum, fludioxonil is effective against most major post-harvest diseases. In post-harvest situations it is effective against Grey mold, Black Spot, storage rot and Powdery Mildew. The residual component in Fludioxonil, inhibits spore germination and growth of the germ tube.

Application Guide

Ornamental cut flowers-Prepare the solution then dip the flower heads for 10 seconds into the solutions and allow to air dry.

Freshly harvested fruits- Prepare a solution and immerse 1,000 Kgs of freshly harvested fruits. Fruits should remain in dipping solution for at least 30 seconds. Remove the fruits and allow to air dry. 

Foliar treatment– Apply as soon as the symptom of the disease is seen at an interval of 7 days for a maximum of 3 application

  • Contact activity-improved flower quality through successful and reliable control of Botrytis.
  • Broad-spectrum of activity-results in reduced number of application and thus cost of disease management.
  • Favourable safety profile-minimal impact on non-target organisms, a wide safety margin for beneficial and safe to users and consumers.
  • Protects against decay, damping-off and blight for a strong start to help maximize yield potential.
  • Provides excellent protection at very low rates.
  • Formulation compatible with other products in the slurry mixture

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