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President Gold® 20DP

President Gold® 20DP is an excellent broad-spectrum post-harvest grains storage dusting powder insecticide for control of Larger grain borer (Osama), weevil and Red flour beetle on stored grains and pulses.

Product Details

How does it work?

Pirimiphos-methyl rapidly penetrates the insect cuticle and disrupts nerve conduction via the inhibition of acetylcholinesterase.

Deltamethrin is a non-systemic with contact and stomach action by fast acting on the nervous system thus preventing the Sodium channel from functioning and inhibiting transmission of nerve impulses from taking place.

Application Method

  • To obtain best protection, the store facility has to be cleaned, collect old kernels and any crop parts from the store room, and burn them.
  • Do not apply on harvested un-threshed produce or cereal and pulse. After harvest, thresh or remove the kernels immediately, and protect the kernels with President Gold 20DP without any delay.
  • Using a clean floor or a clean plastic plane on which the threshed kernels are placed, distribute evenly President Gold 20DP on the kernels by continuous shuffling of the kernels. This allows and enhances the distribution and recovery of President Gold 20DP on the kernel surface.
  • Mix kernels well for a few minutes, then store the treated kernels in clean bags.
Why use President Gold 20 DP?
  • It controls existing infestations and gives long-term protection against re-infestation.
  • It persists for several months on grain and inert surfaces ensuring a long-lasting protection.
  • Can be applied direct to grains and to bags.
  • Does not transmit any odour to the treated crop and does not affect germination of the seeds.
  • Suitable for protection of stored seeds and grains for use as animal feed.
  • Shorter withholding period between application and processing.

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