A brand new powerful suspension concentrate fungicide/bactericide with excellent contact properties for the prevention of different diseases on a wide range of crops such as ornamentals fruits and vegetables such as French bean, tomatoes, snow peas, broccoli, chilies, baby corn, coffee, avocado and mangoes among others

Product Details

Mode of Action

FRAC M1, M; Multi-site: Inorganic
Copper Oxychloride is a broad-spectrum contact fungicide/bactericide with protective action. They are classified as multisite and act by disrupting cellular proteins. Copper has a strong bonding affinity to amino acids and carboxyl groups, reacts with protein and acts as an enzyme inhibitor in target organisms. This is by denaturing proteins and enzymes in cells of pathogens they contact that have not yet infected the plant.
Copper kills spores by combining with sulphahydral groups of enzymes. Spores actively accumulate copper and thus germination of spores is inhibited, even at lower concentrations. Deposits must be on the crop before the fungal spores begin to germinate

Application Guide

The first application before infection, when the weather is favorable to development of diseases, apply the following applications on a 10 day interval period. Maximum 3 applications per season.


• Enhanced contact and preventative actions from a new copper compound.
• An ideal preventative alternative program with other fungicides and a tool for managing resistance.
• Protective actions saving extra cost on expensive post curative fungicides after out breaking of diseases.
• Does not accumulate in the environment due to easy degradation on plant surface and soil
• Has less pre harvest interval thus it can be incorporated in the spray programs of horticultural exporting firms.
• No discoloration of the crop. High market quality of crop and more photosynthetic activity.
• Faster absorption thus reduced wash off.
• It is easy to handle due to its true liquid formulation.
• No sedimentation and nozzle wear and clogging.
• Instant release of copper ions for faster activity on pathogens on crops.
• High copper bioavailability results in increases adhesion, cuticle penetration and rain fastness, which increases the efficacy.
• Low rate of use thus prevents phytotoxicity. It is also cost effective.

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