Goldchance Super Start

Goldchance Super Start®

Goldchance Super Start® is a fully water soluble NPK fertilizer designed for early crop establishment/ growth stages in a wide range of agricultural crops including vegetables, fruits, ornamentals and lawns.

Product Details

Goldchance Super Start® Benefits

Ensures rapid rooting and facilitate balanced plant growth.

Increases root crops yields.

Corrects and prevents deficiencies of NPK and microelements.

Application Guide

For Coffee, Macadamia, Tobacco, Tea and Cereals, make 2 – 4 foliar applications at 2.5 g per litre of water.

For vegetables, make 2 – 3 foliar applications at 2.5 g per litre of water until onset of vegetative stage.

For Fruits and Vines, make foliar applications at 2.5 g per litre before flowering at 15 days interval.

Goldchance Super Start® is especially designed for early growth stage of the crop due to its higher Phosphorus ratio. Apply every 10 – 14 days or as necessary when there are signs of nutrient deficiency.

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