Integra® is an organo-silicone based non-ionic wetter and spreader, highly effective in improving spray coverage, adhesion and penetration of chemicals.

Product Details

Integra Benefits

Super wetting and spreading by reducing pesticide droplet surface tension on plant leaf surface less than 22.0 mN/m, which is critical point of good wetting shown in previous figure

Reduced pesticide consumption by 20 – 30% and water consumption by 50 – 70% by full coverage on plant foliar surface, super penetration, preventing spraying dilution runoff from leaf surface

Excellent food safety and no PHI requirement.

Application Guide

It acts by lowering surface tension and increasing droplet spread and by altering solubility relationships thus enhancing wetting, spreading and absorption of spray mixture.

It should be mixed with foliar fertilizers and, or pesticides during spraying and is compatible with major commonly used chemicals; however, it is always advisable to conduct a physical compatibility test before spraying a large scale.

When used as recommended, it is not phytotoxic.

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