Impact of farmer training to agricultural success

Farmers’ training helps to ensure that they stay aware of fast moving developments in technology, science, agri-business management, and other skills and fields which ensures a success in agriculture.
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Understanding Farmer Training

Farmer knowledge through farmer training involves understanding of farm materials, cash and information flows generated in the process of production and exchange of his/her goods and services associated with the farm while agricultural success is the ability of the utilized farm inputs and activities to give maximum outputs including growth in country’s economy.

Therefore, farmer training help to ensure that they stay aware of fast moving developments in technology, science, agri-business management, and other skills and fields which ensures a success in agriculture.The results of impacting farmers with different farming methods and techniques of agricultural production increases their efficiency and thus success in agriculture.

Economic growth

Farmer training always involves impacting knowledge on farming as business and not only for subsistence, hence leading to use of more products like fertilizers, chemicals and thus growth on those companies which manufactures such inputs and thus country’s economic/agricultural growth.

Correct use of agro chemicals and less harm to the environment

When farmers are properly trained on use of agro chemicals, for instance using correct product after correct diagnosis of the crop problem either diseases or pests leads to reduces losses on buying of the wrong agro chemicals. Also they gain skills on correct disposal of waste materials thus less harm to environment which is among contributor of agricultural success.

Keeping of records

Farmer training on records keeping helps them in easy planning of their farms in the subsequent farming activity and management of farm aspects.

Good agricultural practices

Farmer training helps to improve their skills in agricultural practices such as good planting techniques, irrigation, agrochemicals, crop rotation and post harvest practices.

Increased yield on farms

Knowledge and skills gained through Farmer training on how to properly use inputs drastically improves farmers’ productivity on their farms per season.

Digital knowledge

Farmer training on the emergence of technology like use of smart phones apps on farming and e-learning platforms improve farmers performance level

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