Nutrition in Passion Fruits

Passion fruits require the right amount of nutrients for maximum productivity. Both macro and micronutrients should be supplied to the crop in the required amounts as they all influence its general performance.

Passion fruits require the right amount of nutrients for maximum productivity.

Both macro and micronutrients should be supplied to the crop in the required amounts as they all influence its general performance. This can be achieved through application of basal and foliar fertilizers.

Basal fertilizers are absorbed by the crop through the roots and include DAP, CAN, NPK, among others.

Foliar fertilizers are absorbed by the crop through its foliage and are thus sprayed. They include OPTMIZER, GOLDCHANCE, DIMIPHITE, VITABOR GOLD, among others.

Soil sampling helps in determining the soil pH and quantities of macro and micro elements in the soil.


Passion fruit crop requires varied types and amounts of nutrients at its different stages of growth and development, and therefore fertilizer application should be done at the right time and at the right rate for best results.

The main growth and development stages of Passion fruit crop are early/young stage, vegetative/juvenile stages, flowering and fruiting stages.

The schedule of nutrient supply has to be adjusted in accordance to these stages.

Early growth stage

This is the period between seed sowing, germination and about 2-3 weeks after seedlings emergence.

Soaking seeds in OPTIMIZER 20 ml/1l for 6-12hours breaks seed dormancy and promotes uniform germination. Cuttings and grafts can also be soaked in to promote rapid rooting.

To promote rapid root development and balanced plant growth, the young plants should be sprayed with LAVENDER 20ml/20l or GOLDCHANCE SUPER START 50g/20l or LEGENDARY 40ml/20l or PLANT SOUL 20ml/20l or ZINC GOLD 10ml/20l. These fertilizers provide the relevant nutrients that are needed at this growth stage.

When transplanting, DAP is applied, which majorly provides Phosphorous, an important nutrient element at early growth stages of the crop.

Manure is necessary for soils not rich in organic matter. It releases its nutrients slowly throughout the growing period and adds organic matter to the soil.

Vegetative growth stage

During this stage the crop is actively growing and begins making food for it to accumulate enough resources for use during flowering and fruit development.

Spray the crop with LAVENDER 20ml/20l or GOLDCHANCE SUPER GROWTH 50g/20l. These are rich in Nitrogen among other elements which promote rapid vegetative growth.

Top dressing using CAN is important. Other nitrogenous basal fertilizers like N.P.K 23.23.0, can be applied at this stage in order to ensure the crop gets sufficient nutrients.

Flowering & fruiting growth stages

At this point, the crop starts flowering and subsequently forming fruits. It requires Potassium in relatively higher amounts than other elements.

The crop should be sprayed with GOLDCHANCE SUPER FLOWERS & FRUITS 50g/20l or DIMIPHITE 20ml/20l or GREENPHITE 40ml/20l or LEGENDARY 40ml/20l. These fertilizers are responsible for good fruit set, increases fruit size, preventing hollowness by filling flesh in the fruits, among other functions.

Application of BIODISTINCTION XTRA, EURO GOLD, VITABOR GOLD and FERRARI GOLD also promotes good fruit set, prevents fruit and flower drop and improves the general quality of the fruits, e.g. hardening the outer cover of the passion fruit which prolongs its shelf life.

Basal fertilizers rich in potassium like N.P.K 17.17.17 should also be applied during this stage.


  • OPTIMIZER 10ml/20l can be sprayed at any stage of crop’s growth and development. It is a biostimulant which stimulates the passion fruits to grow faster, helps it withstand stressful conditions, adds nutrients to the growing plant, stimulates growth of shoots, and development of chlorophyll for photosynthesis, among other functions.
  • Excess Nitrogen during flowering and fruiting stage results in superfluous foliage and does not nourish the fruits.
  • Foliar sprays should be incorporated with INTEGRA 3ml/20l. This is a sticker, spreader and penetrant which improves on the absorption of the fertilizer by the foliage of the crop.
  • A repeat of foliar spray should be done on weekly basis.
  • All basal fertilizers should be mixed with HUMIPOWER, which adds organic matter to the soil, shifts pH to optimum making nutrients available, reduces leaching and minimizes runoff among other benefits.
  • A proper nutrition greatly activates the crop’s defense system against infections thus improving productivity.

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