An excellent selective broad spectrum pre-emergence and pre-transplant herbicide that controls a wide range of broadleaf weeds and grasses in French beans, Corn, carrots and onion fields.

Product Details

Mode of Action

Linuron is a foliar absorbed and residual herbicide that is active on weeds present at application by absorption through the foliage and subsequent germination of weeds through root absorption.
Linuron Inhibits photosynthesis by blocking the action of photosystem II, through blocking the transfer of high-energy electrons needed by the plant to convert water and carbon dioxide to oxygen gas and sugars
For best results, Linuron should be applied to a well cultivated, weed-free surface which is free of trash and clods.

Application method

CarrotsAs pre emergence: Apply 1-2 days after sowing. Seed should be sown deeper than 1.25 cm in a fine seedbed. Post emergence: Do not apply before carrots reached the 4-leaf stage. The optimum time for application is when the weeds are in the 2 to 3-leaf stage and not higher than 50 mm.

Baby corn & French beansPre emergence: Apply immediately and Not later than 1 day after sowing. seeds must be sown at least 2.5 cm deep. Ensure soil is well moisted.

Onions- Pre-transplant: Apply before transplanting preferably 1 day before transplanting your seedling


  •  Excellent crop safety- has both proven crop safety and unmatched weed control in carrot, potato, onion, parsnip, coriander, cereals, maize, soybean and sweet corn crops.
  • Broad spectrum weed control- Used to control annual and perennial broadleaf and grassy weeds on crop and non-crop sites
  • Easy to use, choice of highly concentrated formulation.
  • Multi crop registrations as it is used to control germinating and newly emerging grasses and broad-leafed weeds.

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