Keepwatch® 450CS

Keepwatch® 450CS is an excellent Selective broad-spectrum Pre-emergence systemic Capsule Suspension herbicide designed for the control of a broad range of weeds including annual and perennial grasses, broadleaf species and woody species on maize, rice, wheat, barley fields.

Product Details

Mode of Action

Pendimethalin is a systemic herbicide that interferes with the germination process and seedling development. It is an inhibitor of plant cell division and cell elongation. This means that it prevents the roots and shoots of the target weed from growing. With the weed unable to develop further, it eventually dies.

Application Guide

Application timing: KEEPWATCH 450 CS should be applied or sprayed as soon as possible after planting or sowing your crop seeds and before both weeds and crops emergence.
Ensure soil is well moisted for good efficacy. Best results will be obtained if rainfall or irrigation occurs within 7 days after application.

Why use Keepwatch 450CS to manage weeds on crop fields?
  • It has advanced micro capsulated formulation (CS) making it ideal to be applied in dry conditions without the risk of evaporation unlike other pre-emergence herbicides.
  • Controls tough grasses ensuring crop grows optimally for maximum yields.
  • Less binding to your valuable crops thus giving a maximum active ingredient available for weeds control.
  • Lower active than pendimethalin EC formulation thus better and more efficient weed control.

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