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Termiguard® 200 SL

Termiguard® 200 SL is an excellent systemic, long residual effect and non-repellant termiticide with unique mode of action that provide effective control of termites and ants in building and constructions and other structures. When termites come in contact with TERMIGUARD 200 SL in the treated zones, they stop tunneling, stop feeding, grooming and they become disoriented and die.

Product Details

Mode of Action

Imidacloprid is a systemic insecticide belonging to a class of chemicals called the neonicotinoids which act on the central nervous system of insects. The chemical works by interfering with the transmission of stimuli in the insect nervous system. Specifically, it causes a blockage of the nicotinergic neuronal pathway.

By blocking nicotinic acetylcholine receptors, Imidacloprid prevents acetylcholine from transmitting impulses between nerves, resulting in the insect’s paralysis and eventual death. It is effective on contact and via stomach action.

TERMIGUARD 200 SL cannot be detected by ants as well as termites as it has no odor or smell. It also works differently from other termiticides with repelling properties giving a higher percentage of pest mortality.

TERMIGUARD 200 SL works by creating a treated zone which termites and ants cannot detect easily and once the pest enters the treated zone, they stop feeding, grooming and become disoriented and eventually die. Also, TERMIGUARD 200 SL interfere with the natural defense process of termite and ants of removing fungal spores before germination. This fungal spores germinating on the body kills the pests. TERMIGUARD 200 SL is so stable over a broad range of soil PH values, giving it a long residual control of target pests.

Application Guide

Dissolved 125ml in 100L of water (1.25ml/1L of water) and applied appropriately:

  • Timber- Spray or paint surface of the dried timber or soak in a prepared mixture for 30 minutes.
  • Pre-construction (Foundation site/Floor surface)- Spray dissolved solutions onto foundation/ floor surface before installing at 5 litres/sq.M or linear meter.
  • Post-construction (Existing / already built foundation site and floors)-Drill holes 50cm apart along the already erect wall, 18cm away from the wall. Pump into each hole 5L of the dissolved solution.
  • Treatment of existing termite’s colonies- Remove the top part of the mound with a
    spade or any other appropriate tool, pour 5L of the dissolved solution into the termite nests and cover with the removed soil.
  • Ants nest- Apply 2L of dissolved solution per active nest entrance. Pour the solutions directly onto the ant’s nest or around the active nest entrance.

Why use TERMIGUARD 200 SL on Your building and construction?

  • Protect your property even before it is built against ants and termites.
  • Creates a treated zone around and under the building construction foundation.
  • Non-repellent and systemic insecticide with a unique chemistry that provides effective termite and ant control in buildings and other building structure.
  • Long lasting residual control of ant and termites.

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