Humipower® is a water-soluble soil amendment and blend that contains potassium, Iron EDDHA, humates and fulvic acid in granular form. It is used in agricultural, horticultural and field crops, landscaping lawns, pot plants as well as gardening. It is used both in the soil as an amendment and as fertilizer blend and supplies plants with organic matter that is readily available, easy to use and cost effective.

Product Details

Humipower® Benefits

  • Addition of organic matter to organically deficient soils.
  • Increases root vitality.
  • High efficient in improving nutrient uptake.
  • Excellent results on chlorophyll synthesis.
  • Excellent results in seed germination.
  • Excellent capacity to retain macro & micro nutrients and fertilizers.
  • Excellent stimulation of beneficial microbial activity.
  • Proven healthy plants and confirmed improved yields.
  • Good for breaking up compacted soil and allowing for enhanced water penetration and better root zone growth and development.
  • Capacity to make minerals and other nutrients assimilable by plants.
  • Promotes electrochemical balance as donor or receptor.
  • One of the most powerful natural free radical scavengers and antioxidants known.
  • Complexes and dissolves mineral and trace elements.

Application Guide

Fertilizer blending: mix 1 kg of Humipower with 50 kg bag of basal fertilizer and apply the blend when planting or top-dressing.

Transplanting: Soak roots overnight in 15 g/l solution.

Soil drench: Dissolve, drench, and Spray at 3 g/l

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