An unique systemic, translaminar and vapor triple action fungicide combination of 2 active ingredient of different but highly complimentary modes of action with protective, curative and eradicative action for the control of fungal diseases in roses and vegetables

Product Details

Mode of Action


Systemic fungicide with preventive and curative action, Absorbed by the leaves with translocation in the xylem and translaminar action. Due to its volatility, Bupirimate gives effective control when complete leaf cover is difficult. Bupirimate has a four ways action activity providing ERADICANT and PROTECTANT activity against Powdery mildew in a very wide range of crops.
Disease control is achieved by interaction of direct protection and eradication through systemic and translaminar action. Bupirimate is apparently translocated in the plant xylem. i.e. movement occurs with the translocation stream upwards in the stem and towards the margins of leaves:
SYSTEMIC: After application Bupirimate rapidly spreads through the leaf to give rain fast protection against disease; Bupirimate moves freely within sprayed leaves and from sprayed green stems to leaves. Systemic and translaminar activity has been shown against powdery mildew.
TRANSLAMINAR: Bupirimate passes through the leaf to control mildew on the unsprayed surface. Translocation within stems and leaves is likely to be an important factor contributing to the excellent performance of the Bupirimate sprays against Powdery mildew under field conditions. As Powdery mildew penetrate only the superficial cells it can be assumed that Bupirimate applied to one surface of the leaf reaches the outer layer of cells at the opposite surface.
VAPOUR: vapour action helps to give effective control where foliage is dense and complete spray cover is difficult.
A systemic fungicide with fast uptake and penetration and strong translaminar and acropetal translocation. It controls both primary and secondary infections with long-lasting preventative and curative activity.
It is taken up by the plant and acts on the fungal pathogen during penetration and haustoria formation. It stops the development of fungi by interfering with biosynthesis of sterols in cell membranes. Although the mode of action permits protective, curative or eradicative use, it is recommended to apply the product early enough to avoid irreversible crop damage and build up of the disease.

Application Guide

Apply as an early preventive spray or as soon as the disease is seen and repeat at a 14-day interval as required. Maximum 6 applications per season.

  • Broad-spectrum action against many crop diseases.
  • Prophylactic, curative, eradicative efficacy
  • It gives plant higher security during critical conditions.
  • Good protection during fast growing periods of the plants

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