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Pyraboss® 450 EW

Pyraboss® 450 EW is a broad spectrum translaminar, protective and curative fungicide for the control of a wide range of diseases, especially as post-harvest dipping chemical for control of post-harvest diseases on ornamentals export crops, Tropical fruits and Pineapple.

Product Details

Mode of Action

PYRABOSS 450 EW is a fungicide containing Prochloraz (imidazole fungicide group). Prochloraz a non-systemic fungicide but has strong contact activity and translaminar mobility which reduces fungal attack in crops and ornamentals, specifically with Mode of Action as inhibiting Ergosterol biosynthesis. Ergosterol is a critical component of fungal cell membranes. PYRABOSS 450 EW enhanced excellent contact controls of diseases particularly with protective, eradicative and curative actions against many crop diseases caused by ascomycetes and deuteromycetes fungi.

In agriculture, post-harvest chemical dipping is one of important measurements in preventing post-harvest disease infection problems after harvest of cut flowers pineapples and tropical fruits. PYRABOSS 450 EW is used as a post-harvest dipping preservative chemical to extend storage life of post-harvest cut flowers, Pineapples and tropical fruits during long distance transportation and sales storage.

PYRABOSS 450 EW protects precious flowers and fruits from post-harvest diseases and prolongs their storage life

Application Guide

Roses and ornamentals Cut flowers– Dipping the heads of cut flowers (includes buds and petals) into the diluted solution thoroughly for about 20 seconds as soon as they are harvested, then let them dry in air at room temperature before packing and storage.

Avocados, Mangoes, Pineapple- Immerse freshly harvested fruits into the dissolved solution for 30 seconds. Treat 1 tonne of fruit per 100 litres of dip solution. Thorough coverage of the fruit is essential. Treat fruit at ambient temperature as soon as after picking. After treatment allow fruit to drain and dry before packing.

NOTE TO THE USER: PYRABOSS 450 EW is a critical preservative solution for extending storage life of cut flowers, however growers are advised to carry out their sanitation program into post-harvest handling. Clean and sanitize coolers and cool rooms. To prevent microbial infections on flowers, foliage and buds during shipping, avoid packing moist flowers and foliage after harvest.

Why Pyraboss 450 EW?

  • Enhanced contact activities on ascomycetes and deuteromycetes diseases improved flower quality through successful and reliable control of Post-harvest diseases.
  • Broad-spectrum of activity-results in reduced number of application and thus cost of disease management.
  • Favorable safety profile-minimal impact on non-target organisms, a wide safety margin for beneficial and safe to users and consumers.
  • Protects against decay, damping-off and blight for a strong start to help maximize yield potential for long lasting disease protection in prolonging shelf life.

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