An excellent long-term protectant fungicide for control of Botrytis cinerea on a wide range of crops.

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Mode of Action

Fenhexamid inhibits germ tube elongation and mycelial growth, and affects the formation of appressoria. The mechanism of action of the compound has been identified as sterol biosynthesis inhibition (SBI). Fenhexamid s the single representative of the hydroxyanilides class of SBIs: Biochemical studies showed that fenhexamid does not, unlike other botryticides, inhibit cell nucleus division, mitochondrial activity or the synthesis of enzymes aiding host penetration.

Fenhexamid differs in its action from other SBI fungicides such as triadimenol and tebuconazole in that it disrupts sterol biosynthesis at two unique target steps in ergosterol biosynthesis, both catalyzed by the C3-ketoreductase enzyme. Fenhexamid does not exhibit cross resistance to benzimidazoles, dicarboximides and anilinopyrimidines and can be used as a curative treatment if applied early in the disease life cycle.

Application Guide

For optimum control, apply as soon as disease symptoms are observed on the crop or when environmental
conditions are likely to favor disease development. Repeat application at interval of 7 days depending on disease pressure.

Why use FASTRUNO 500 SC?
  •  Fenhexamid shows no cross-resistance with fungicides of other chemical groups due to its novel mode of action.
  • It has excellent long-term activity against Botrytis cinerea on roses and other crops.
  • Non-toxic to bees, and other beneficial insects, and is thus ideally suited to fit into IPM programmes.
  • Short pre-harvest interval (PHIs) especially in fruits crops.
  • Highly specialized botryticide, highly compatible with biological antagonists of botrytis.
  • Rain fast within one hour with strong preventative activity.

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