Comrade® 450SC

Comrade® 450SC is an excellent systemic fungicide with preventive, curative and eradicative actions on a wide range of diseases particularly downy mildew and early & late blight in roses and potatoes.

Product Details

Mode of Action

Propamocarb Hydrochloride is a systemic fungicide which is absorbed and distributed through the plant’s tissue inhibiting lipid synthesis.

Cymoxanil is a penetrant anti-mildew fungicide which rapidly penetrates in plant tissues and is homogeneously distributed all over.

Application Guide

Apply when weather conditions favor disease development or at onset of disease with 7 days interval while ensuring adequate coverage of the crop foliage for excellent control.

Comrade® 450SC is compatible with commonly used pesticides and foliar fertilizers and non-phytotoxic when used as recommended. However, a physical compatibility test is recommended before mixing commercial quantities or spraying a large area.

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